Akshaya Entrepreneur Selection

Applications Invited for Last date
Akshaya Entrepreneur - Thrissur Corporation / Municipality / Panchayat 5:00pm Thursday 29th February 2024
Note:   Please do not wait till the last day of registration to submit your application form, as you might experience difficulty in submitting the application due to heavy traffic

Please read the below instructions carefully before proceeding to the application form

Scoring guidelines for the application form is as below.

Maximum mark: 30

Minimum marks required to be eligible for written examination: 9

Mark Criteria - Akshaya Entrepreneur Selection
Criteria Marks
Part A Total 12
Same Panchayat/Municipality/Corporation 3
Same BLock 1.8
Same District 1.2
Permanent Resident of Locality for last 2 years 2.1
Permanent Resident of Block for last 2 years 1.5
Permanent Resident of District for last 2 years 0.9
Female 1.5
Age 20-24 1.2
Age 25-40 3
Age 41 and above 1.8
SC/ST 2.4
PART B Total Marks 12
Formal Education
Professional Degree 4.5
Post Graduate 3.6
Graduate 3
Diploma 2.4
Plus Two 1.8
Computer Education
Post Graduate 4.5
Graduate 3.6
Post Graduate Diploma 3
Diploma 2.4
Certificate Course 1.8
Entrepreneurship Development Training 3
PART C Total Marks 6
Do you own/rented a building having min 300 sq.ft area 6

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